Rule Mods to Labyrinth Lord


There are only four professions in which a human character earns experience that allows him to progress through generic, standardized levels and attain skills the same way everyone else in his profession does. These are the so-called adventuring professions, whose categories are limited to fighting men, thieves, clerics, and magic-users. There are no such things as third level farmers or fifth level diplomats, or any of that nonsense. When it comes to classes and levels there are only fighters, thieves, clerics, and magic-users.

In regards to your place in the world among other members of the four classes, suffice it to say that adventuring is not the only way to gain advances in a class levels, but it is the only way to do so and guarantee an increase in hit points and toughness as you advance. The campaign world is full of NPCs of all four classes and at all levels. But only a few – a rare few – came to their power and skill the way you are going to do it, and which is also happens to be the only way available to player-characters. But there are many more powerful individuals who have never entered a dungeon, slain a monster, or won a treasure. They may lack the reputation of adventurers, and they will almost certainly lack the hit points, but they will still have the requisite skill to be reliable comrades or dangerous enemies.

Demi-humans are classed by birth, but rarely exercise their innate talents out in the world. Demi-humans may be of a natural class by birth, but class advancement of demi-humans is actually relatively rare. It can be assumed that 99% of elves, for example, hover around the 1st and 2nd levels of their particular skill sets. In fact, among the elves, few have the innate ability to advance higher then those levels no matter how hard they try. This is good, since it means characters of serious power among the elves are as rare as they are among humans. The same can be said of Dwarves and Halflings.

In the campaign world, there are still geographical divisions in the world separating the races by nationality, but in the larger cities, regardless of where they are located, a healthy mix of all races is a normal thing. Thus, adventuring demi-humans don’t have any more or less stigma attached to their adventuring than do humans: that is, all adventurers are seen as more than a little bit crazy and dangerous, but they are also the romantic heroes of the current day because they go where no one else will.

For a lengthier examination of how I create and set the levels of my NPCs, see Appendix A.

Rule Mods to Labyrinth Lord

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